Major projects and experiences

We have local projects, read more about it at the Swedish site.

Improvement of coal fired domestic boilers

With our help, the first “non-smoke” coal boilers, i.e. coal-fired boiler without black smoke, were born in a Chinese company and are now being sold in many provinces in China.


Wood stoves and wood boilers

Laowan wood stoves and wood boilers with designs and technology from Sweden have passed the environmental and safety tests in SP Swedish National Testing and Research Institute. The both products have reached extremely low emission, for example, only 64 compared to 250 mg/m3 of OGC level required for the first class stove and 59 compared to 150 mg/m3 of OGC level required for the best class boiler with natural draft.
These products are already in Swedish market and going to enter other European countries.

Our brochures (PDF format): Woodboiler, Woodstove



The first bioenergy production line in China

Since 2000, we have been cooperating with Beijing Laowan in developing the first bioenergy production line that includes biomass production, pelletising, fuel combustion and pellet appliance manufacture.